Jabalpur – Kanha National Park

Jabalpur–Kanha–Mukki (200 km/4-5 hrs drive)Jabalpur–Kanha (175 km/3 hrs drive)
When you head southeast of Jabalpur after 10 kms on your left hand side – there is a primitive cemetery which is still being used since the British era. On the way 10 kms ahead of Mandla there is a place Chogan which is being developed by the Govt. Authorities as a centre for Rural Tourism. Once you will reach Mandla you will cross the very holy river Narmada 22kms beyond which is Bhamni followed by Jairmau village from where after taking a left turn towards Indrinaka is the shortest route to Kanha. 

Mandla – is the mid way stoppage and has a decent Cafeteria run by Madhya Pradesh Tourism. It also has a fort which is ruined now. As you ascend the hilly ranges of this region you can have a view of The Narmada  river and once on top of the hill, there is waterfall Ghughra off 1-1.5 kms from the main road into the forest that could be seen on a trail. 

Kanha to Mukki offers a spectacular  1&1/2 hrs drive through the 45kms buffer zone, where you pass across local habitants’ shacks which you can practically check-out without any extra cost. The speciality of these jungle abodes is that they are mosquito-proofed by the use of cow-dunk.

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