Report reveals natural death of tigress at Nauradehi Sanctuary

The final autopsy report of recently recovered carcass of a tigress from interior fringes of Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary has been filed by Centre of Wildlife Forensic and Health, Jabalpur.

The report has unveiled curtains over all controversies that were in the air since past two week regarding tracing of the tigress, her location and causes of death.

A team of veterinary doctors from the centre had performed post mortem on the carcass on September 2 for which the report has been forwarded. The forest officials under the State Forest Department had extended the information regarding death of this tigress to the Centre on September 1.

It was during patrolling of forest staffers that this carcass was spotted. The carcass was brought to Mohile Range of Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary, where the autopsy report was carried out.

According to the filed report, death of tigress might have been taken place due to the age factor. Report further stated that age of deceased tigress was around 15 years, which is expected life span of tiger and there were no external injuries. However, since the carcass was more than 72 hours old, the internal organs had liquefied and thus, exact cause of the death of the animal could not be known. But, it has been cleared that the tigress had faced cleared that the tigress had faced natural death.

This report had brought an end to all kinds of rumours. Along with that, the unnecessary fuss over doubts from where the tigress had reached interior fringes of Nauradehi Wildlife Sancturary has also been clarified.

Since Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary shares internal boarders with Rani Durgavati Sanctuary, Damoh, movement of tigres across the sanctuary boarder is common. Though, offically, no presence of tigers is reocrded for Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary, movement of tigers in its interiors cannot be denied.

Meanwhile, adding inputs, wildife specialists Dr.A B Shirvastava stated that usually tigers have average life span of 16 to 20 years in captivity and 12 to 15 years in wild. As tigers get old, they take on shaggy appearance and often confine themselves in utter isolation. Since, the life of wild tigers is full of risks and dangers, they usually have very short life span. In most of the natural deaths of tigers, the carcass is not traced. Usually, the deaths take place in very interior forests and thus, carcass remains out of approach of human reach.

This tigress is very lucky to have natural death.

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