Chaterbhuj TempleOrchha enthralls by its medieval mysteries and monuments.

Once the capital city of the Bundelas, Orchha, 16 km from Jhansi, is set on an artificial island in the Betawa river. This old walled town, in a scrub-dotted valley of the Betwa river, grew in the swirling cross-currents of history. Back in 1539, a chief of the worrior clan of Bundela Rajputs made Orchha the capital of his domains. His name was Bharti Chand and Many generations of his ancestors had, gradually, expanded their territories in this part of central India. At that time, much of India was ruled by the Mughals. The growing affluence of Orchha annoyed them and they marched against this prosperous town in 1577. Sadly, in the prolonged uncertainty that followed that invasion, the four surviving grandsons of Bharti Chand fought amongst themselves and plunge the state into chaos. The most devious of brothers was Bir Singh Deo.By a blatant exercise of realpolitik, he become the king of Orchha in 1650 and held onto the throne for the next 22 years. In spite of his unscrupulous methods, he is recognized as the most famous ruler of Orchha. He was a great warrior, acquired considerable wealth and became an inspired builder. He was the person most responsible for creating The Bundela Style.

  • The Bundela chhatris.
  • Bir singh’s Bridge.
  • Raj Mahal Palace.
  • Jehangir Mahal.
  • Rai Preveen Mahal.
  • Chatturbhuj Temple.
  • The Ram Raja Temple.
  • Laxminarayan Temple.
  • Dastagirs.
  • Hardaul Ka Bithaka.

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