Teerathgarh waterfalls

The famous eco tourism site of Kanger Valley National Park is the place where the exotic Teerathgarh waterfalls is situated. The splashing streams of Teerathgarh waterfalls with an incredible speed to the river Mugabahar. Located near Jagdalpur of Chhattisgarh, Teerathgarh waterfall is visited by tourists mostly during the period of October to February.

It is believed that Teerathgarh waterfalls of Chhattisgarh have height of 300 feet and the criss-cross path makes the falling of the stream more enticing. Apart from the natural appeal, Teerathgarh waterfalls is also the place where a temple of Shiva Parvati is located.

Tourists coming from other states of India and various district of Chhattisgarh can reach the spot of Teerathgarh waterfalls though bus services form Jagalpur. On the south-eastern front of Jagdalpur lies the waterfall of Teerathgarh.

Those travelers who enjoy the solitary yet furious speed of water streams will definitely find the Teerathgarh waterfalls as a perfect haven. In fact such is the popularity of the Teerathgarh waterfall today that hundreds and thousand of foreign tourists flock to this out-of –world the destination every year.

Since Jagdalpur is equipped with all monderoday conveyance and lodging facilities hence people who come to visit the Teerathgarh waterfalls can avail of all kinds of facilities in the place. More often then not people from the local areas come to Teerathgarh waterfalls for having a picnic. Since the waterfall encompasses a huge geographical space hence picnickers can easily be accommodated here.

Teerathgarh Waterfalls in Chhattisgarh is real tourism retreat.


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