Laxman Temple

The Laxman Temple will always found a place among the ancient and valuable Chhattisgarh Temples. The Laxman Temple in Sirpur is considered as one of the loveliest brick temples in the country. Believed to be built in the seventh century, the Laxman Temple in Chhattisgarh is situated on the banks of River Mahananda.

The Laxman Temple is a major crowd puller, attracting with its intricate and sculptures. On the top of the main entrance, one can see the murals depicting the mythological character of sheshnag with its encounters with Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The traditional Indian erotic art from is highly visible in the sculptures and paintings of the temple. The ornamental designs symbolize pictures from Krishna Leela.

The Laxman Temple is situated at a distance of 77 kilometers from the capital Raipur. According to Indian temple architecture, it falls in the Pachrath category of temples. The temple inside is divided into three major segments, the Mandap or the shelter, the Antrall or the Passage and the Charbha Griha or the central hall. The Laxman Temple is not only a popular tourist spot but an important archaeological and historical site too. Sensing the archaeological value of the place, the Archaeological Survey of India has organized a number of excavations and subsequent restoration works. A museum is maintained to preserve the collected artifacts. It is must visit for the history lovers and pilgrims.


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