Kawardha Palace

Kawardha Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces of central India, located at about 140 km from Raipur in Chhattisgarh. The location of the Kawardha Palace is in the heart of Central India that is Chhattisgarh. This place is thronged with tourist for its natural heritage, panoramic landscapes and architectural heritage. One of the major tourists attractions of Chhattisgarh, the beautiful and stunning 20th century Kawardha Palaces was designed and built by Maharaja Dharamraj Singh between the period 1936-39 AD, using Italian marble and stone. Set amidst 11 acres of lush green landscaped gardens, Kawardha Palace is a tranquil and isolated retreat, surrounded by the beautiful and scenic Maikal hill ranges. The architectural design of the Palace is a fine blend of Italian, Mughal and Colonial styles, making it an interesting attraction worth visiting in the region.

Still the residential home of Maharaja Singh and his family, the Palace has opened a part of it for tourists, since 1991. The floor of the palace is the private residence of the royal family. The interiors of the palace are beautifully designed with grand marble staircases, elegant sweeping verandahs and the high-ceilinged guestrooms which have been traditionally decorated and retain all the original furnishings. The main Durbar Hall is a magnificent domed room with tall Corinthian pillars, marble floor, and sofas. The main entrance to the Palace is known as the Haathi Darwaza (Elephant Gate) and was once the scene of royal processions of the Maharajas.

Kawardha is the natural entry point for visitors coming from Madhya Pradesh (Kanha or Pench).


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