Kanker Palace

Kanker Palace is a small splendid palace situated in the district headquarters of Kanker which is at a distance of 140 Kilometers from Raipur. This place is very renowned for its royal palace including the tribal villages and the deep forests. The possession of the palace is with the esteemed royal family that belonged to the 12th century. The family of Late Maharaja Dhiraj Udai Pratap Deo resided here, since 2002. Now some section of the palace is being converted into a hotel. This stunning Kanker Palace is surrounded by a majestic landscape garden. The palace also bears there big and lavishly spacious suites all set with modern amenities. In these suites you have everything right from dressing tables to showers in the bathroom and several other facilities too. The main essence of the palace is the ambience that is preserved here since years.

There are adding on attractions to the Kanker Palace which is the dinning area where Indian delicacies are served. The dining area is surrounded by nature and bears the comfortable rooms for sitting and enjoying the beautiful nature around the palace. There is fixed time for the visitors to visit this Kanker Palace which is from 1st September to 30th April.

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